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One contact partner for all concerns

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority – that’s why we always look for the right offer to specifically meet your needs and requirements. Your benefit: you have one contact partner for all concerns because we offer one-stop service for procurement logistics, storage and shipping.

Analyzing the structure of your shipment

The number of shipping service providers continues to grow. On one hand that means that the level of specialization in certain areas is also growing – but so is the level of confusion. Due to our excellent network and our decades of experience, we determine on your behalf who is the best service provider for your query. We take the time to do so because a well-founded analysis of your shipment structure is the basis for good, successful collaboration. We guarantee comprehensive consulting and a critical balancing of pros and cons while openly communicating all possible solutions! 

Getting dangerous goods to their destination safely

Transporting dangerous goods is subject to especially strict statutory conditions. For flammable substances, poisonous gases, self-reactive or explosive substances or possibly infectious medical materials you need a shipping partner who knows what they’re doing. Not only obviously dangerous substances are counted as dangerous goods; perfumes, deodorants or lithium batteries, too, must be specially packaged, labeled and transported.
In this regard our employees are always up-to-date on the current state of legislation and will ensure that your goods reach their destination safely without endangering others or the environment.

Customs processing

Shipping goods outside the EU must be prepared carefully; customs duties on your goods are an important aspect that must be considered when calculating costs. We are your experts and will make the necessary preparations on your behalf so that you do not have any expensive surprises later.

Critical receiving countries

You want to ship to a country for which an embargo may be in place? We will inform you on current conditions for each country and can also provide information on any restrictions in place, e.g. due to natural catastrophes or civil unrest.

Storage is an option

We offer our customers the option of storing their goods with us! For this purpose, we have extensive warehousing space in Kalchreuth and at further external locations. We take care of your goods and you take care of your daily business.

We offer training for your employees!

At your request we can conduct inhouse courses at your location. Shipping optimization or introduction to the shipping systems used by CEP service providers – just ask us and we will prepare a concept for your individualized courses.