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Individual solutions for your shipments

Our customers are as different from one another as their requirements for the shipment of their goods: documents, highly sensitive technical devices or dangerous goods require different preparations and approaches. For one customer, it may be especially important that shipments be delivered on a very specific date. For another, shipping must be as inexpensive as possible. And the third must place emphasis on special safety measures.
One customer may have a one-time shipment that requires extensive knowhow, e.g. regarding a trade embargo with the destination country or certain import requirements. The next customer wants to dispatch regular bulk shipments and is looking for ways to optimize its processes.

For all these exigencies we offer you needs-based and individual solutions – and if you also need support and advice regarding your storage logistics, we are the right partner to talk to.


IT solutions for shipping software

We have tailor-made solutions and offers for every type of customer. This includes IT solutions for shipping software. Interested? 
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What are the advantages of working with us?

• We offer one-stop service for several different needs. This primarily includes CEP services, storage logistics and classic shipping services.
• We have almost 25 years of experience in the CEP sector – so we can offer you a whole quarter century of concentrated knowhow.
• We personally keep track of your shipments, which means that you will always know where they are at a given moment. If for some reason this isn’t possible, we will inform you as a matter of course!
• With our streamlined company structure and our external partners that can be called upon at need, we offer a high level of flexibility.
• We are service oriented. That means we are proud to be a service provider that guarantees optimal service.
• Short communication channels and fast reaction times distinguish us from slow competitors.