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Your benefits at a glance

• Checking the stock of goods
• Save transport costs by consolidating
• Flexible contract lengths
• Pick & Pack services
• Optimal shipping

Our own warehouse and further storage space

In order to provide comprehensive service to our customers, we have our own warehouse on site in Kalchreuth. You can store your goods there. That means that your shipping and logistics provider is also your warehouse provider. The benefit is that we know all about your goods and can plan optimal shipments.
We can also offer additional storage capacity at long-standing partner shipping companies. If further information on our storage capabilities interests you, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Storage for as long as you like

You don’t need to book a fixed contract length to use our warehouse. Whether you decide to outsource your warehouse to us permanently or to use an external warehouse only temporarily – we offer both options.
This also allows you to react flexibly to changing requirements for your business – if space becomes available in your internal warehouse, you can take back your goods and store them there; if your warehouse capacity is exceeded, we can handle storage of the overflow.

We would be happy to advise you on your options and our pricing models.

Pick & Pack

You can use our Pick & Pack service. If we receive an order, we will take care of packing the goods directly (using branded packaging materials etc. is no problem) and shipping these via the optimal shipping system which we have determined for you.

Checking the stock of goods

We inform you if your stock in our warehouse is running out! You determine at what stock level you need to be informed in order to deliver further stock in time. This service can be applied separately to various goods with varying stock levels.

Save on transport costs

We want to find the optimal economic solution for you and therefore aim to consolidate wherever possible. Thus, we group individual goods together within our warehouse and can therefore save on transport costs!

No additional effort on your part, only benefits! Storage with us means optimal shipment handling.