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We are CEP service providers and logisticians with heart and soul. With spirit and a lot of courage our story began as a one-man company founded by our managing director and even after all the years we are still excited every day to find the best shipping or logistics solutions to meet your needs.

Logitrans history in short

From a one-man company to a logistics specialist

Richard Peisger, Geschäftsführer
Richard Peisger, Geschäftsführer
In 1994 Logitrans was founded by Richard Peisger, who is still part of the company’s management. Logitrans started with only one employee and 250 shipments per month and yet we were able to generate turnover amounting to 600,000 DM p.a.
To streamline internal processes and to be able to work more efficiently, we developed our own software. This was the foundation for our healthy growth and always being able to meet rising demands.
Soon an internal IT department was added that worked on finding solutions for all the challenges our customers faced and implemented these as needed.
Not long afterwards we moved into our own offices! Our current company headquarters in Kalchreuth are bright, spacious and modern, providing a pleasant working environment that also appeals to our customers.
An important project is also our web platform. Our customers can use it to call up delivery times, information on their shipments and anything important regarding their current project. We keep you informed!
And currently? We ship 55,000 shipments a month, employ more than 35 staff members and have an annual turnover of 12.3 million euros.
25 years in which so much has happened. We are excited for what the future will bring!

We have almost 25 years of experience and are…

• an independent CEP service provider not tied to anyone.
• a logistics service provider, meaning that we know your goods inside out.
• a facilitator for shipping services, meaning we can offer great terms.
• a warehouse logistician – and our warehouse is suitable for sensitive goods.
• a classic shipping company, whether by land, air or by sea!