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What we do

In short: We have reserved quotas with larger and smaller courier and express service providers as well as shipping companies. Due to the high volume, we receive especially good terms that we can pass on to you – while operating completely independent of groups or service providers. With the wide range of specialized service providers we purchase from, we can offer the best option for every shipping need. And because we have been doing so for a very long time, we can pass on our experience to you as comprehensive consulting and in courses.

Our services in logistics and shipping

Parcel shipping/courier services

Our core business is the optimized shipment of goods of all kinds – for almost 25 years we have been specialists in this field. As a CEP service provider, we offer support and organize the shipping of your commission as a courier, express or parcel shipment by truck, air or sea.

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Comprehensive personal support

Thirty minutes on hold, computerized voice recordings and speech recognition that doesn’t work properly – all this is frustrating and costs you time. We offer fixed teams that process your inquiries and provide support in person and by telephone.

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Independent of corporate groups and service providers

As an independent CEP specialist, we are not tied to the major players in the industry; that means that for each commission we are able to freely choose the service provider who is ideally suited to your requirements and your budget. Along with the smaller niche service providers, the major players are of course equally part of our portfolio.

Further benefits
Optimized shipping and consulting

Which service provider is best suited to the structure of your shipment? This question lies at the core of our consulting services. Our staff is familiar with all legal aspects regarding dangerous goods, customs, shipping conditions for critical goods and is in contact with many specialized shipping companies. Furthermore, we offer your employees inhouse courses.

Consulting & Service
Dangerous goods shipments

Some transported goods can be a danger to us or our environment if they are not transported competently. While some are obviously dangerous goods, others are not immediately recognizable as such. We are the experts at your side that will ensure that your goods are transported to their destination safely and in compliance with legal requirements.

Our services
Logistics and storage

Besides shipment processing, you also need a service provider who offers storage services? Then you’ve come to the right place! We offer an extensive storage space with a special safety area for sensitive or valuable goods. And we’ll keep track of your stock of goods as well!