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We are your CEP specialists

We are specialists for courier, express and parcel services which means that shipping your goods with us is incredibly easy. While you go about your daily business, we will ensure that your goods are transported safely from A to B regardless of size and scope of your shipment. In contrast to traditional shipping companies, we provide a full spectrum of services!

One-stop CEP optimization, CEP implementation and CEP consulting

CEP services and all related matters are our core business. As a customer, you benefit from our many years of experience and our worldwide connections.
Due to our high purchase volume with external service providers, we receive extensive discounts and preferential terms that we can pass on to you. But we don’t just save you money due to our reserved quotas, we also save by skillfully analyzing your shipment structure and adjusting your shipping strategy accordingly. Optimizing handling and costs of your shipments is an important part of our consulting services.
In the CEP sector we work with the major players in the industry so that you can benefit from the best infrastructure: UPS, DHL Express, DHL Parcel and Fedex. We are happy to collect the goods from your location. In our warehouse the shipment will be transshipped and then handed over to the corresponding service provider.


Our core business with almost 25 years of experience

Parcel services

Whether your goods can be shipped as a parcel depends on the size and weight of your goods. Usually parcels have a longer delivery period than express services. They can be tracked at any time, so you always know where your shipment is. We collaborate with major, reputable parcel service providers from whom we receive excellent rates!

Courier services

If a consignment is sent by courier, it will be collected from you personally and handed over to the recipient personally. Courier consignments can be individual documents or more extensive shipments. It is the ideal form of transport for all consignments that must be delivered within a period of hours, for example.

Express services

If your goods are shipped express, you can choose between various standardized arrival times. The shipping period is guaranteed – same-day delivery is also possible. We collaborate with large and smaller express service providers in this field.

Customs and dangerous goods? That’s our specialty!

Customs clearance for goods and transporting dangerous goods are sensitive and important issues for which we specifically employ staff that is always up to date on the current legal situation. Thus, we can provide top quality consulting! Are you interested in training your own employees in one of these areas? Ask us! We would be happy to conduct inhouse courses at your location.
Preparing customs documents for our customers, the so-called export accompanying documents, is also part of our services.


Individual consulting and a fixed team

What makes our service so special is that we place enormous value on individual and personal consultations. Specifically that means: Every customer is designated a team that knows the customer’s concerns, is directly available under a direct phone number and that can advise you in all important matters.
You don’t have to spend your time on the phone with hotlines and speech recognition software; you can call our staff who will process your query and provide quick and efficient support.
You can find more on our individual solutions here and an overview of our team here.