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Getting from A to B safely

The focus of our work: transporting your goods safely from point A to point B, whether by land, air or by sea. In doing so we choose the shipping service provider that fits optimally to your requirements and your budget – because we are independent of corporate groups and individual service providers.

Shipping your goods to any place on Earth

From one-time commissions to bulk shipments

Our service to you: reliable and secure shipment of goods of all kinds to any place on Earth! No commission is too small or too large; we handle your one-time commission just as conscientiously as bulk shipments – we have no minimum size! We can make you an optimal offer based on the structure of the shipment and the individual circumstances of your company.

On site pickup

Depending on the local situation we will collect your shipment at the place of loading or have one of our partners, such as UPS, DHL or Fedex, do so.

Land, air and water

What the right means of transport are right for your goods is decided for each commission individually. Is time or costs a priority? How can the destination be reached most easily? Besides courier and parcel services, freight by truck, air and sea is also available. In these cases, we will call on proven and reliable service providers and partner shipping companies.

Individual solutions

Many processes have proven themselves – despite this fact, we don’t follow a standard operating procedure for every case. Personal support and the corresponding relationship with the customer and their project defines us. We therefore have special teams according to regions that are highly interconnected. During our collaboration, we will always advise you with regard to your goals and special requirements. For questions on individual shipments, invoices, export documents, customs matters or prices, our employees are ready to help and advise.

Sensitive goods, dangerous goods or especially valuable goods?

We know our way around dangerous goods because we employ staff that has special training on this subject! We are also the right people to contact when transporting sensitive goods. We know that damage to (e.g.) a machine or delayed transport of an urgently needed product can cause production downtime and that this can often lead to considerable extra costs.
We therefore provide comprehensive advice on proper packaging, for example. Our experience with courier service providers and their shipping processes aids us in doing so.

We will make every effort to ensure that your goods reach their destination safely, on-time and undamaged!

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us!